I get severe Lucille Bluth face whenever someone names a percababy after any dead character in the series

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Anonymous — Hi. Silly question but were you never bothered Piper and Jason were a couple and nothing was explained, how it happened ? In the Lost Hero, Jason knows he can't cause he isn't sure if he already have a gf or not.

Oh, yes. One of the reasons I don’t ship them as strongly as I do Percy/Annabeth is because we never really see how they got together. Percy and Annabeth have five books of build up, while Piper and Jason only have The Lost Hero, during most of which Jason is an amnesiac and Piper has false memories of a non-existent relationship with Jason clouding her thoughts. And yeah, not all ships need to have a slow burning, will-they-won’t-they development, but I think Riordan skipped a vital step or two in developing and presenting their relationship in later books.

I would’ve loved to see more of them between The Lost Hero and Mark of Athena, or had Jason wait until he came to New Rome and settled with his past to finally make a move on Piper. I probably wouldn’t have been apathetic about Piper’s relationship related insecurities if there was more of that in-between development. (He kind of did the same thing with the set up of Annabeth and Piper’s friendship too, though. “We’re friends! We have in jokes about stealing food!” Okay, I guess? I don’t really buy it, but whatever, they’re BFFs. Hazel and Piper’s friendship developed much more naturally.)

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honey just put your sweet lips on my lips 
we should just kiss like real people do [x]


honey just put your sweet lips on my lips
we should just kiss like real people do

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For whatever we lose
(a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves
we find in the sea.
 - E.E. Cummings

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bluerants replied to your post: Books I read while on vacation: 1. How…

How was School for Good and Evil? I got up till they got to the school and put the book down. Does it get good? The premise sounded great, but the story wasn’t hooking me. Should I keep trucking thru?

It was all right. I liked the premise, but the message/theme gets muddled around the half-way point and Sophie gets even less likable as the book goes on. The plot’s a little messy at the end too, and sometimes I felt like I’d skipped sentences because the direction of conversation would change so fast. If you’ve already put it down, I wouldn’t pick it up. It’s not particularly groundbreaking. 

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Books I read while on vacation:

1. How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel (How to Train Your Dragon #10) by Cressida Cowell

2. How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero (How to Train Your Dragon #11) by Cressida Cowell

3. Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles #1) by Kevin Hearne

4. The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

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aqua-twin — Question: do the ship weeks have themes/prompts for the week or each day individually?

I’m not a ship weeks coordinator, but as far as I know, there are no themes for the week or day. You just get to do what you want for your ship for the week.

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The 'Arrow' Cast winning Social Media at San Diego Comic-Con International July 26, 2014.

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so far i’ve seen southern, southwestern, and northeastern gothic, but nobody’s talked about how great MIDWESTERN GOTHIC could be. listen:

  • weird happenstances in fields, bloody pawprints and pressed-down cornstalks, a clump of soybeans flattened into esoteric shapes
  • small towns with big secrets multiplied by a thousand, uncanny locals with a hand for spells
  • mysterious hitchhikers with glowing eyes on the side of a dimly-lit highway
  • taking detours down a backwoods dirt road, getting entranced by the glowing lights in the thickly knotted woods (sure are a lot of fireflies out there. i’ll take a look. just for a moment.)
  • dilapidated buildings, the old falling-apart house in the empty lot at the end of the road you always avoid without knowing why. the crumbling farmhouse by your grandparent’s place in the country that calls to you when you drive past it in the dark
  • billboards proclaiming HELL IS REAL, mile upon mile of windmills that uproot themselves and rearrange in the night
  • always traveling, the significance of crossroads, staying in a shoddy old hotel advertised with a flickering neon light, surrounded by miles of pavement
  • more weird field happenstances because fields are so important. mint that can charm a village, blueberry patches with torn and dirty pieces of fine clothing in them. unnatural noises from cornfields at night, figures near it that can only be glimpsed out of the corner of your eye

…this is actually my life.

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