what was their first kiss like: Nerve-wracking. Jason didn’t want to screw up their friendship, and Reyna was still having a hard time trusting men after being with the pirates years before.
where were they their first time having sex: In Jason’s house, possibly just before Hera took him away.
who’s louder: Jason.
who wakes up first: Reyna.
favorite form of foreplay: Jason likes to tease his lovers with touches and kisses until they’re begging for more.
who performs/receives oral more often: Jason loves giving oral sex. Reyna’s been uncomfortable giving since the pirates, but she works at it.
what kink they most often use: They sneak around, have sex in forbidden places.
who more often tries new things: Jason. Son of Zeus and all.
if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would it include: Mmm, probably Annabeth.

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