Ok, let's be honest. What do you think is going on with Logan and Alex? I mean we have the New Years pic, but then all these other photos pop up from shooting and his birthday and stuff, and I'm like what the heck? Because I'm still positive they were dating before, and they seem awfully close (always sitting next to each other) in the new photos for a couple who broke up. But I figured you'd have an opinion. :)

I think they’re still dating, to be honest, or maybe had a off period and got back together? The popular tumblerfen theory about Logan’s NYE kiss picture with that girl is that they were drunk and it was for fun/a joke, which I’m inclined to believe since we haven’t seen her in any pictures with Logan since then… or any before then either! New pictures of him and Alex seem to crop up every month or so, and there’s a shit ton of pictures with her and his siblings (like this most recent batch)… it all just screams, “YOU’RE DATING,” to me.

All I want is for their relationship to be confirmed during the SoM press tour. JUST GIVE IT TO ME, PLEASE, CELEBRITY PRESS MACHINE.

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