fic: A Baby Story [PG-13, Percy/Annabeth, PJO, 1/3]

Title: A Baby Story
Author: greenconverses
Characters/Pairings: Percy/Annabeth, Nico di Angelo and Rachel Elizabeth Dare. 
Spoilers/Warnings: Warning for pregnancy, labor, and babies, obvs. 
Summary: The birth of Percy and Annabeth’s first child goes just the way one would expect it to — that is, not at all like it’s supposed and not at all easy. That’s sort of what happens when you mess with the patroness of childbirth. Futurefic.
Notes: At last, it’s arrived: BABYFIC. 

Annabeth’s body had been trained to fight monsters since she was seven years old; now all it was good for was accidentally bowling over little old ladies at the grocery store while she hurried to the bathroom for the fifth time that morning. She hated what it’s done to her, and missing her due date was possibly one of the biggest disappointments in her life. Five whole days, and there hadn’t been any signs of labor. She was terrified that she was going to be the butt of some cosmic joke and end up pregnant forever. For a woman who loved plans as much she did, waiting for something to just happen naturally was driving her crazy.

Perhaps Percy could tell Annabeth was on her last straw Friday morning as she struggled to get out of bed and waddled her way into the kitchen to half-heartedly make breakfast, because she almost kissed him when he suggested, “I know we’re not supposed to travel much right now, but d’you want to go to Montauk for the weekend and cool down?”

Instead of kissing him, however, Annabeth ended up sobbing with relief into the bowl of orange juice she managed to pour on top of her cereal instead of milk. Percy took this response as a, “Yes, get me away from this literal hellhole, please,” and went to pack their bags.

Read Part One on LJ | AO3 | FFnet

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