perquisitesofinfamy — Hi. Can we punch Pierce Oliviera in the face together?

YES. God. 

I wanted to like her so bad in the first book because she was much different from Meg’s usual spazzy, socially clueless heroines but she as just so BLAND and ridiculously naive, I couldn’t take it. And I really couldn’t stand the way she just rolled over and let John manipulate the fuck out of her like he did in this second book. He majorly lied to her about something that would affect the rest of her life. TWICE. And she’s almost totally okay with that because she WUVS HIM and she just wants to be ~together~ with him even though she’s knows and frequently acknowledges that he’s a CONTROLLING DICK WITH TEMPER ISSUES.

But he gave her a super special dove, so he really must just be a sweetheart deep down! 

Goddamn, this book sucks.

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