I saw a little while ago that you had started to read "Bumped," and I curiously picked it up after reading the synopsis. OH MY GRACE, as Harmony would say. What did you think of it? Kind of a sick concept..

I liked it, but it was pretty fluffy and it didn’t get very deep into the issues it brought up (glorifying teen pregnancy, women being baby machines, etc.) And I’ve really hated that the POVs switched every two pages. 

The Chemical Garden trilogy is another YA series that deals with the topic of teenage pregnancies and women being valued for nothing more than their wombs, and it’s much darker than Bumped was. TCG is essentially A Handmaid’s Tale watered down… which I’m also reading right now.

Yay for forced pregnancies and dystopian literature that sounds more and more like real life every day!

Just finished a mindless little read called Prada and Prejudice. In a mood where I just need some mindless romantic fluff to concentrate on. 

And I got it for 99 cents at work, so don’t judge